Rocky Creek Ranch Horses

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Our heritage and riding knowledge has caused us to choose horses that possess certain attributes.

  1.     Temperament
  2.     Structure
  3.     Quality
  4.     Natural ability

Our mares are of sound mind and body, and proven worthy under saddle before entering our breeding band.

horse_01Here at Rocky Creek we prepare our horses with the traditional Vaquero Horsemanship.  Horses are started with the Bosal.  This method allows the animal to experience the horse hair rein with the Hackamore, then the two rein and finally the full bridle with Romal Reins.

Vaquero Horsemanship is the art of teaching communication between you and your horse, which may be time consuming, but well worth the effort.  The art comes with the knowledge of the traditional equipment, how it works, why to use it properly, and learning to understand what each horse needs.

Our work, ranch and competition allows us to expose the horses to various environments.

  1.     Ranch cattle
  2.     Feedlot
  3.     Arena
  4.     Ropes and roping
  5.     Hauling
  6.     Trail and packing

We feel these experiences are essential for a horse that can succeed in what discipline it is asked to achieve.