Welsh Animal Wellness Seminars

I have developed R.A.N.G.E. – a step-by-step guide to animal wellness presentation.  Each letter describes individual sessions -such as handling, safety, movement, health and wellness.
Interactive Seminars Offered

Hourly training – subject specific
1 to 4 day group consultation
Custom evaluations of
animal health care
handling procedures
Ongoing management clinics

All seminars may include class room and hands on training —  designed to meet particular management strategies. Pricing upon request.

Recent Seminars

  • 32nd Annual Farm Women’s Conference Nov. 19 & 20th, in Grande Prairie, AB
    Ladies Livestock Lessons hosted in Water Valley, AB. View Brochure
    Attended Amazing Agriculture in Edmonton, Alberta
    Participated in Aggie Days, Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta
    Wrote Animal Handling section of Safety DVD produced by the Alberta Farm Safety Center, Raymond, Alberta
    Quarterly Tester for Green Certificate, High School Agriculture Program, Olds, Alberta

Michelle Welsh  owner / operator of Rocky Creek Ranch  Providing Professional Animal Health Care for 23 years

stallion4My interest in cattle began at an early age with my grandparents raising champion Holsteins.  I was taught to recognize quality cattle.  In 4-H, I participated in both light horse and beef projects.  Being involved with 4-H allowed me to experience public speaking awards, competition ribbons and a showman championship.  I received the honor of Reserve Champion in Multi Judging at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.  I ended my 4-H career with the club champion steer.

After graduation from Kathyrn High School with the university entrance diploma, I attended Lethbridge Community College majoring in Animal Science.  Exploring what my niche could be in the cattle industry, I made a short pursuit of meat inspection.  Touring of the XL and Cargill packing plants inspired me to recognize carcass age, grading and yield, internal organ placement and diseases, by products, as well as boxed meat preparation and marketing practices.

All throughout my life of showing on the light horse show circuit, I wanted to enable my two passions of cattle and horses into one career.  It seemed natural to start apprenticing in the larger feedlots riding pens and learning animal health.  I have always been interested in animal health care and the ability to recognize symptoms came easy for me.  I was able to describe areas of animal wellness, be responsible for animal health in assigned pens and apply proper treatment of livestock.  I specialized in the most vulnerable.  Evaluating pull rate percentages, training introductory staff and maintaining ethical procedures became my duties.  I assisted my husband with a feedlot induction contract, to present day have processed well over 1 million head of cattle.

I am motivated to improve the beef industry.  To enhance my education I enrolled in the “Live to Carcass” evaluation course.  Hosted by the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, it was taught by the Michigan State University meat science professors.  I place in the top 10, then again in the top 4.

Through my experience it was natural to recognize industry standards.  I assisted in establishing policies and operating procedures in various areas:


-evolution and choices
-induction and treatment protocols
-budgetary guidelines.


-ethical, humane procedures
-withdrawals, meat safety
-price and management
-age, placement
-type, breed strengths


-days on feed
-types of grains, rations details
-steam, tempering and dry milling


-identification by sorting
-yield and marbling


-data collection
-field study
-organization on site
-verification of policies
-communication with team

I needed to expand my knowledge.  I began performing post mortem procedures and I believe others would want to do the same.  This allowed me to correlate practical symptoms given by the animal to the final disease.  This information would enhance the pen rider’s ability for a more accurate, cost effective and efficient use of treatments.  These exams were supervised by Feedlot Health Management Services.

As time passes a person must find areas to advance the interest in their career.  I did this by traveling to other feedlot locations in Canada and the U.S.A.  Touring sites allows you to gain wisdom and insight from people in the field.

cowwsMy life history has shown that education given to animal care personnel can inspire and empower them.  I was commissioned by Veterinary Agri-Health Services to provide training to their customer base.   I called the seminar  “Welsh Animal Wellness – An Art or A Science?”  If my dialogue and consultation can stimulate other people, the standards of animal health care will be increased.

I will always have a vested interest in the beef business.  I currently provide custom animal health care for the feedlot industry.  My husband and I raise commercial and purebred cattle, raise and custom train horses, and own Rocky Creek Ranch near Strathmore, Alberta, CANADA.

“I would like to thank you for your time and knowledge and for taking an interest in teaching our line of work to others.  Please continue your inspiration and knowledge I do believe it is the key to our next generation of pen checkers. –you taught me a lot of things — gave me confidence to do my job correctly — “

Jacey Kirby   Cattleland Feedyards Ltd.

“Michelle has made it her purpose to thoroughly educate herself about her chosen industry.  She has a deep desire to constantly better herself, and to seek every possible angle to a question.  For this reason, she is most successful as a role model and teacher.  She could illustrate concepts with clear analogies, back them up with accurate information and well-informed opinions, then encourage us to use our own initiative to investigate any unknowns.  — extremely knowledgeable and proactive cattle woman, passionate about the beef industry — “

Tegan Bathgate and Steve Boyton     Clarence Town, Australia